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Artistic Profile of Donatello
Artistic Profile of Donatello
1386 - Dec 13, 1466
Artist and sculptor; inventive works in marble and bronze; creation of the shallow-relief style of sculpting that made the sculpture seem deeper.

Donatello was born in the city of Florence in Italy in family of a Florentine wool comber and lived in the later part of the fourteenth century. Donatello was both an artist as well as a sculptor and is well known and reputed for his innovative works of art in marble and bronze. Donatello died in Florence towards the later part of the 14th century and his mortal remains were buried in the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Donatello’s unique style of creation of shallow relief transformed his sculptures to appear deeper and profound. Donatello has frequently been considered to be one of the most genuine and authentic artist of his time and reformed the artistic revolution in Italy during the Renaissance period. Donatello received his initial training in the workshop of a goldsmith from where he progressed to develop an intricate and a broad range of knowledge pertaining to ancient sculpture surpassing all the contemporary artists during his day. Donatello can easily be categorized as a frontrunner of human expression coupled with an highly developed performance of creating a depth of space for which he was one of the most well-liked and appreciated artists during his living times. For nearly three years, he apprenticed himself to an architect and a sculptor, Filippo Brunelleschi in the city of Rome where he involved... show moremore

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Donatello's Contemporaries
1412 - 1492
1419 - 1464
1420 - 1506
1430 - 1494
1430 - 1516
1431 - 1506
1390 - 1441